The taxpayer advocate and head of Taxpayer Advocate Service, Nina E. Olson have complained repeatedly that the agency is being underfunded by the Internal Revenue Service. Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary when asked about the act of private firms collecting money that owed to the government said that it seems quite an obvious thing to […]

Tax Debts Getting Over the Head for I.R.S.

The Federal Trade Commision has found racecar driver Scott. A Tucker and some of Kansas City corporate defendants violating payday loans lending scheme under section 5 of the FTC Act and have been told to deposit a staggering $1.3 billion fine by a federal court on charges of deceiving customers with illegal fees. FTC Chairwoman […]

U. S Court Favors FTC and Passes Judgement of $1.3 Billion Fine Against AMG Payday Lending Scheme Defendants

In scores of Texas cities, payday money lenders face boosted limitations on how much interest they can charge debtors. Previous efforts to interpret those individual city orders into a statewide rule have been unsuccessful. The services and products, such as the cash advance loan, have increasingly grown popular in the state of Texas and all […]

The Unfair Fight against Cash Advance Loan and Payday Lenders in Texas

For decades, Las Vegas has been considered a great place to go for fun and excitement. There are lots of neon signs and shows that are produced to dazzle audiences. All the signs you see, however, are not for casinos or shows. There are also plenty of pawn shops and payday lenders that do business […]

The Potential Problems of Proposed Payday Lending Restrictions

When you think about the things that celebrities and other wealthy people get to do that the rest of us don’t, extensive traveling and taking long vacations often comes in as one of those perks. Though we all like to take vacations or extended trips from time to time, doing so is often so expensive […]

How to save money and still go on a nice vacation

Any time we get close to a big election, financial issues are always a top priority for candidates and voters. A banking regulation issue that both Republicans and Democrats have a lot of concern about is that of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB.) As might be expected, neither side sees eye-to-eye on this topic. […]

The CFPB is a top concern with Elections Right around the Corner

For a lot of people, owning a car is anything but cheap. The average auto loan payment comes in at about $500 per month. And auto loan delinquency is higher now than it has ever been before. These facts have some industry analysts worried that there are some serious long term financial issues that may […]

Here’s why so many people have Car Payments they cannot afford

Insurance is a necessary evil. You may pay into it your entire life, and only use it a time or two. That’s a real tough pill to swallow, but it is what it is. If you are going to own a car or home, you will have to fork over some of your hard earned […]

Is a Bad Credit Score Impacting Your Insurance Costs?

As people begin to finish college and start careers they quickly realize that they have to make more important choices than ever before. No one makes all of the right choices every time, but you probably want to do your best to make wise choices that will help you to achieve your goals. One of […]

Is it better to Save Money for a House Down Payment or to Pay Down Student Loan Debt?
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