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The Unfair Fight against Cash Advance Loan and Payday Lenders in Texas

In scores of Texas cities, payday money lenders face boosted limitations on how much interest they can charge debtors. Previous efforts to interpret those individual city orders into a statewide rule have been unsuccessful. The services and products, such as the cash advance loan, have increasingly grown popular in the state of Texas and all […]

The Potential Problems of Proposed Payday Lending Restrictions

For decades, Las Vegas has been considered a great place to go for fun and excitement. There are lots of neon signs and shows that are produced to dazzle audiences. All the signs you see, however, are not for casinos or shows. There are also plenty of pawn shops and payday lenders that do business […]

Say Hello to a new kind of Payday Lender

For more than 20 years, the American bank system has been easily accessed by some, but woefully unresponsive to millions of people. Those folks out there who live in somewhat of a “bank desert” have found that it just isn’t always easy to open checking accounts, get loans or obtain the most basic of financial […]

Tips to Help with Getting Online Payday Loans

The Internet is all about helping us to take care of everyday tasks more efficiently. And since people borrow money every single day, it’s no wonder that so many folks are hitting up payday loans lenders when they are in need of fast financial assistance. These online lending companies have actually made it possible for […]

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