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To Buy or Rent? The Pros and Cons of Home Ownership

Home ownership is a big step for anyone.  Some do not know if it is better to buy a home or to rent one.   Everyone’s situation is different; therefore everyone must decide what will be best for them.  Here are some pros and cons of homeownership to help you make that choice. The first and […]

Nonbanking on the Rise

For those who use banks the thought of not using one may seem strange. For those who do not use banks, the thought of using one seems pointless and a waste of money. The number of people who choose to not use a bank is on the rise. One big reason behind this trend is […]

Why You Need To Understand the Basics of Personal Finance

There are some people who understand that it is important to know the basics of personal finance. However there are some people out there who do not understand why they need to know that. Here I will explain why you need to understand the basics of personal finance. The first reason is that it will […]

Bankruptcy Terms

When filing for bankruptcy there is a lot you need to know. You have to know what chapter of bankruptcy you are going to file and so much more. If you do not know the terms that are being used it makes the process much more difficult. Here are some bankruptcy terms to help you […]

Avoid These Money Mistakes

Managing money can be a challenge for some of us. Without even knowing it we can make money mistakes every day. Knowing these money mistakes is the key to avoiding them. Here are some of the more common money mistakes that we make which costs us money. The first mistake may be obvious to some, […]

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