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The Potential Problems of Proposed Payday Lending Restrictions

For decades, Las Vegas has been considered a great place to go for fun and excitement. There are lots of neon signs and shows that are produced to dazzle audiences. All the signs you see, however, are not for casinos or shows. There are also plenty of pawn shops and payday lenders that do business […]

The CFPB is a top concern with Elections Right around the Corner

Any time we get close to a big election, financial issues are always a top priority for candidates and voters. A banking regulation issue that both Republicans and Democrats have a lot of concern about is that of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB.) As might be expected, neither side sees eye-to-eye on this topic. […]

CFPB May Have Finally Come Face to Face with a Major Threat to its Authority

It appears that federal judges may be open to the concept of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau being unconstitutional as things stand right now. And this may mean that these judges are likely to make a decision that will set the bureau back a bit. The CFPB – Senator Elizabeth Warren’s consumer watchdog group – […]

The CFPB Takes Steps against Illegal Lending Practices

News coming out of Washington D.C. has the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) taking serious legal action against a company called Herbies Auto Sales. This establishment is a buy-here-pay-here car dealership. The company has been charged with using abusive financing actions, purposefully misleading consumers and hiding finance charges on auto loan. As a result of […]

Will the Global Debt Registry Change Debt Tracking Forever?

Have you heard about the Global Debt Registry yet? If not, here’s a basic breakdown of how it works. The folks behind the Global Debt Registry have high hopes for it to become the first independent registry to track and catalog consumer debt. If it turns out to be successful, the Global Debt Registry may […]

Some Advice for the Online Lending Industry

Those of you who work in the online lending industry already know that every year, millions of hard working, though credit challenged, consumers turn to short term lenders when they need cash fast. Whether those folks use local cash advance locations or online lenders, the truth of the matter is that the short term lending […]

Important Payday Loan Industry Statistics

Stories about payday loans are always sure to get a lot of hits these days. From the people and agencies that absolutely detest payday lenders to the people who use the services of these lending companies on a daily basis, people are always on the lookout for new and meaningful information about payday loans. You […]

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