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FAA Rules Gadgets Are Okay during Take-off And Landing

Many of you have flown at some point or another and have been told to power down your devices while on the plane.  This is not ideal as we would enjoy using those devices to make the time on the plane go faster. If you were to ask why you could not use any of […]

Will You Have Enough Cash For Thanksgiving Supplies?

Thanksgiving is a great time of the year when families get together.   You are able to catch up with any family member you have not seen in a while over a wonderfully delicious home cooked meal.  Every family has their own traditions, but will you have enough money to get the things you need to […]

Why You Should Pay Off Your Mortgage Before You Retire

Many people do not know if it is necessary to pay off their mortgage before they retire. Is it necessary to pay it off first or is it fine to pay on it while you retire? So what do you do? Should you pay off your mortgage before you retire or pay on it while […]

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