Have you heard about the Global Debt Registry yet? If not, here’s a basic breakdown of how it works. The folks behind the Global Debt Registry have high hopes for it to become the first independent registry to track and catalog consumer debt. If it turns out to be successful, the Global Debt Registry may […]

Will the Global Debt Registry Change Debt Tracking Forever?

For more than 20 years, the American bank system has been easily accessed by some, but woefully unresponsive to millions of people. Those folks out there who live in somewhat of a “bank desert” have found that it just isn’t always easy to open checking accounts, get loans or obtain the most basic of financial […]

Say Hello to a new kind of Payday Lender

Those of you who work in the online lending industry already know that every year, millions of hard working, though credit challenged, consumers turn to short term lenders when they need cash fast. Whether those folks use local cash advance locations or online lenders, the truth of the matter is that the short term lending […]

Some Advice for the Online Lending Industry

For a lot of American consumers it is second nature to whip out the old credit card to take care of almost any kind of purchase or expense. These days the credit card companies are offering lots of rewards and incentives to keep people using their cards, and for some purchases it makes good sense […]

4 Purchases to Never Make with Your Credit Cards

Stories about payday loans are always sure to get a lot of hits these days. From the people and agencies that absolutely detest payday lenders to the people who use the services of these lending companies on a daily basis, people are always on the lookout for new and meaningful information about payday loans. You […]

Important Payday Loan Industry Statistics

Payday loans have quickly become a staple of the financial environment in this country. With so many people underserved – or completely unserved – by the traditional banking industry, it is easy to understand why so many consumers choose to use alternative financial outlets- like payday lenders – to get fast cash when they need […]

Should You Get Payday Loans Online or Locally?

Those who take advantage of payday loans already know about their value to the community. This service offers the community a valuable function that other financial organizations do not offer. As an alternative lender, they are in position to help the community solve certain problems with short-term loans. It is a flexible service that gives […]

The Benefits Of Having Access To Payday Loans

The Internet is all about helping us to take care of everyday tasks more efficiently. And since people borrow money every single day, it’s no wonder that so many folks are hitting up payday loans lenders when they are in need of fast financial assistance. These online lending companies have actually made it possible for […]

Tips to Help with Getting Online Payday Loans