More and more Americans are delaying retirement. There are various reasons for this. Many of these people do not know when it is safe to retire or when they are ready. They know there are things that need to be taken care of before retirement but they just simply do not know how to get […]

Why Americans Are Delaying Retirement

Retirement planning can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things that you need to know and to get ready for. Retirement itself has a lot of unknowns. This is one reason why it is so difficult to prepare. Here are some things that you should do in order to prepare for retirement. The first […]

Prepare For Retirement

No one can deny the deals that Wal-Mart offers. They have just about the lowest prices on everything that you want. It is because of this that Wal-Mart has realized that some of their customers are those with lower incomes. Wanting to help out those with lower incomes who may not have a bank account […]

The Many Faces of Wal-Mart

Payday loans came about because there was a real need for them. They meet a demand that people have when they need money to make it until their next payday. There is more than one way to use a payday loan. Responsibly and irresponsibly are the ways in which one can use a cash advance […]

Be Responsible With Your Payday Loans

Just last month the FDIC released a new survey about the homes in the United States that were considered underbanked and unbanked in the year 2011. This survey shows how many homes were considered to be underbanked and how many homes were considered to be unbanked. The point of the survey is for policymakers to […]

The FDIC’s Unbanked and Underbanked Survey

Starting to save for retirement is something that should be started when you are in your twenties. Some find it hard to start; others do not know where to start. Here are some tips for those in their twenties to get started with saving for retirement. Look into accounts with compound interest. These accounts will add […]

Retirement Savings Tips for Those in Their 20s

The banking industry might be in some trouble these days. More and more Americans have stopped using banks in favor of other forms of financial institutions. This is no long something that is happening strictly among the lower class. The middle class and even people in upper middle class are deciding to turn away from […]

More and More Americans Are Turning Away From Banks

It would not seem like something that you would expect a bank to do.  After all to keep customers happy, having convenient local ATMs would seem like the way to go.  It seems though that banks are looking to cut out ATMs, some at least. Bank of America’s customers are used to finding an ATM almost anywhere […]

Are Banks Getting Rid of ATMs?