Posted: November 2013

Will You Have Enough Cash For Thanksgiving Supplies?

Thanksgiving is a great time of the year when families get together.   You are able to catch up with any family member you have not seen in a while over a wonderfully delicious home cooked meal.  Every family has their own traditions, but will you have enough money to get the things you need to […]

Black Friday Is Coming Early To Wal-Mart

We all know by now that Black Friday is the day that we get great deals and stores go from the red to the black.  Over the years stores have stored opening earlier and earlier in the morning to entice people to go to their store first.  Then stores started opening the night before to […]

Here is the Best Way to Save Money on Your Home Phone Bill

Home phone bills can get rather high and depending on the service provider you have, you may not know what your bill will be from one month to the next.  When you get your bill you want to know what to expect and you also want to have a good deal.  If you are looking […]

Is America Doomed to Financial Illiteracy?

By Ariel Vance – Guest Host Americans truly have a low level of financial literacy.  This is not a good thing.  The less we know about finance, the less knowledge we pass down to our children, and the worse things get each generation. So what is being done about this?  Well, the behavior economic types […]

Behavior and Debt

Debt can be a difficult thing. It is easy to get into but difficult to get out of. Once you are in it, it can seem almost impossible to get out. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, it will take work on your part. When there is debt in one’s life […]

Excuses People Make When It Comes To Not Saving Enough

We all know that saving is important and it is something that we need to be doing.  That being said, not nearly enough of us are saving nearly enough money.  Every day we seem to have one excuse or another for why we are not saving money, and often we do not even realize we […]

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