Posted: February 2013

Banks Now Helping Payday Lenders in States Where It Is Banned

Banks and payday lenders often compete for customers in the payday lending industry in those states that allow payday lending. However in those states that have banned it, banks are now helping online payday lenders. The banks are not the ones making the loans, but they are a critical link between the company making the […]

You Can Pay Zero Interest on Your Credit Card Balance Until 2014

If you have a large credit card balance, you are not alone. There are many out there with the same problem. What if you were told that could pay zero interest on your credit card balance until next year? Would you jump on that chance? Most likely your answer is yes! Here is how you […]

The Basics of Couponing

For most the idea of being an extreme couponer seems exciting. The idea of being able to save a lot of money on your trip to the store is extremely appealing. Unfortunately many do not know how the basics of couponing work. Here are some tips to get those of you who want to get […]

Tips for Better Couponing

When you are just starting out as a couponer you probably have some questions on how you can do it better. You may want some tips and tricks on how to better save time and money. For all of you who are new to couponing here are some tips to help you save time and […]

Valuable Couponing Tips

The first tip that an expert couponer would tell you is not to go out and use your coupons right away. If you can wait to get that item, then you should. If you have a coupon that is going to save you fifty cents off of an item and you use it, great you […]

Effective Couponing Tips

It is not good enough to just be a couponer; you must be an effective couponer as well. It does you no good to save money if you are not being effective while you are doing it. Here are some tips to help anyone make sure that their couponing be as effective as possible. The […]

Tips on How to Spot a Fake Coupon

You may have heard that there are people out there who are making fake coupons. You may or may not know that these coupons are not just unethical, but illegal as well. You do not want to go from trying to save some money to heading to jail for using a fake coupon. Here are […]

Coupon Doubling

For those who are experienced couponers the term coupon doubling is not new to you. For those that are new to couponing however, this is a term that you may not be familiar with. Here is an explanation of what coupon doubling is, so that the next time you are planning a trip to the […]

Using Coupons

Whether you consider yourself a couponer or just someone who uses them on occasion to help save money there are some tips and tricks you should know. Just like with anything else in this world to get the most benefit out of it, you need to know all that you can. Here are some tips […]

Bankruptcy Terms

When filing for bankruptcy there is a lot you need to know. You have to know what chapter of bankruptcy you are going to file and so much more. If you do not know the terms that are being used it makes the process much more difficult. Here are some bankruptcy terms to help you […]

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