Posted: January 2013

Avoid These Money Mistakes

Managing money can be a challenge for some of us. Without even knowing it we can make money mistakes every day. Knowing these money mistakes is the key to avoiding them. Here are some of the more common money mistakes that we make which costs us money. The first mistake may be obvious to some, […]

Ways That Anyone Can Protect Themselves from Identity Theft

 Identity theft can happen to anyone at any time. There is always someone out there trying to steal someone else’s identity. You have to protect yourself if you want to keep your identity. Here are some ways that anyone can use to help protect themselves from identity theft. When you are ready to get rid […]

Money Management Tips for Those in Their Twenties

 You twenties can be an exciting time. You are getting out of college and starting off on your own with      a career. If you do not manage your money properly now, though, you could end up in some  financial trouble down the road. Here are some tips for those who are in their […]

Who Uses Alternative Financial Services?

The last decade has seen a decrease in the number of people using traditional banks for financial services and a rise in alternative financial services. From alternative pre-paid credit cards to paychecks deposited onto debit cards, the services of a traditional bank have decreased dramatically. Because of the recessionary economic times, banks have tightened their […]

Who Uses A Payday Loan and Why?

When there is simply too much time left before your next paycheck arrives and you have bills, expenses, unexpected costs or simply no food left in the pantry, a payday loan can come in handy. A payday loan is considered a small loan, in the eyes of financial institutions, but can mean everything to those […]

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