Posted: November 2012

Payday Loan Summery by State Part 6

Do you know what the laws are in your state in regards to payday lending? It is recommended that you do. Here are some more laws and restrictions by state. In the Virgin Islands the laws require that all payday lenders have to comply with the state’s small loan law. This law creates a cap […]

Planning For Retirement

Retirement planning is important for everyone. For some it does seem to be a little more difficult than it is for others. That is okay, here are some tips that anyone can use to plan for their retirement. You need to make sure you set goals for your retirement savings. You cannot just simply set […]

Tips for Retirement When You Are Starting Your First Job

When you are starting out at your first job it is a really exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. There are things that you must do though when you start your first job to help you prepare for retirement. Here are some tips to help you out when you are starting your […]

Save for Your Future

Just about everyone knows you should be saving for your future. Some may already be doing this while some may not know how to get started or where to go once they do start. Here are some tips for those who feel stuck to save for their future. You need to have an emergency fund. […]

Save for Your Baby’s Future

Having a baby is a big deal. You suddenly have someone else’s future in your hands. Once you have a baby you need to be saving for your baby’s future. Here are some tips for new parents to start saving for your baby’s future. One way to save for your baby’s future is to get […]

Some Money Mistakes That Women Make

Let’s face it ladies, we all make mistakes at some point or another. Sometimes these mistakes are money mistakes. Here are some of the more common money mistakes women make and why they are mistakes. Hopefully if you see one that you do make you will learn how to change it. Too many women leave […]

Create a Realistic Budget

Saving money is an important thing to everyone. One thing that will make it easier to save money is to have a budget. A budget must be realistic in order to work. It can be somewhat overwhelming to create a budget that is practical. It does not need to be overwhelming though; there are some […]

Coping With a Financial Emergency

A financial emergency can happen to anyone. It can be incredibly stressful to have to deal with. There are ways to cope with having to deal with a financial emergency and to get through it without getting over stressed. First thing first, do not panic, that will not solve anything. You need to sit down […]

Stop Making These Budgeting Mistakes

Having a budget is great. It can help you to cut back and save money. You must be careful however; there are mistakes than can be made. If you do make these mistakes you can change them so that you get your budget back on the right path. The first budgeting mistake that you should […]

Do Not Make These Retirement Savings Mistakes

Saving money for retirement is important. Making savings mistakes you could actually cost you more money. Be careful how you save and how you spend. Watch out for these mistakes and you will be able to start saving even more. The first mistake that people make when trying to save is not starting early enough. […]

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